General :

What is the principle of doo blink? How does doo blink?

doo blink is an image recognition service that allows you to make your interactive visuals. To do this, simply create your free account and upload your images in the "images and content." You then associate the content of your choice to each of your images, and users to discover when "snapped" your image. To view the operation of doo blink, go to the "demo"

What is a snap?

A "snap" is the common name refers to the action that you perform when you recognize an image via the doo blink application. (screenshot button app) It is a language element associated with the image recognition, as well as "Flash" for a flash code.

What is a campaign doo blink?

A campaign is the folder in which you add your images. It allows you to organize and group your photos by subject, while facilitating management.

How to create my campaign doo blink?

It's very simple to create your campaign, you must first have created your account and be connected. Then go into the "create my campaign".

What is a dynamic content?

Dynamic content refers to the link, video, text, or contact that you associate with your image in the "my pictures and content" and appear when your image will be "snapped".

How is managed "my snap budget"?

The "snap" budget includes the total number of snaps that you allocate to your campaign. These snaps will be divided on different images present in your campaign. doo blink offers several packs in the tab "snap my budget." A gauge to inform you in real time snaps used during your campaign and you can adjust your budget at any time according to your needs.

What shows the preview?

The "preview" button allows you to check the display dynamic content related to your image on the application. This display is what users see when snapperont your image.

Why disable my campaign?

Function off campaign allows you complete management of the latter. You can create it in advance and initiate timely or stop it whenever you want.

My dynamic content are stored?

Dynamic content are archived when you deactivate your campaign.

What are hashtags?

Hashtags (#) are used to associate images or thematic subjects to make them visible in user searches. More accurate your hashtags are, the better your photos are likely to be seen. If you type eg #design in the search bar, all photos with #design appear in the results.

What is the 'pro information'?

The "pro information" allows you to link a contact with your image. It will automatically register at the snap in the user's smartphone.

Questions help :

I can not remember my password, how do?

Click the "Login" button at the top right of the website, fill in your email and click "forgot password address? ". A link allowing you to reset your password will be sent by email.

I want to change the information in my account, how do?

You can change your account information at any time in your personal space.

My dynamic content does not load, how to do?

It is likely that the format or size of your eye is not taken into account by the application doo blink.

Recognized formats :

Image : jpeg, gif, png
Video : mp4, flv, avi
Audio : mp3, wma
Document: txt, doc, docx, pdf

Maximum size :

Image : 3 MO
Video : 100 MO
Audio : 20 MO
Document: 20 MO

My image is not recognized by the application

Ensure that the image you snappez is the clearest, well framed and without glare from external light that could distort recognition.
If the problem persists, it is likely that the image you snappez is not in the database doo blink data.